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Information is provided on the five pillars that support a healthy body, as everything we believe, feel, think, say, think, do, eat and drink affects the five pillars. The state of a person’s mind and body affects his/her choice of food and Barefoot secretsprovides insight into how transform bad habits into good habits.

The book urges readers to concentrate on the real causes of disease and not only on the symptoms, as a change of attitude is necessary in terms of how we view the body as a whole.

PDF / Mobi / Epub available.

“Mardeen Stoltz author of barefoot secrets. Comes over with great humility by repeatedly giving praise to God and humbly admitting that she is merely His Hands and Feet in her work as well as her gratitude to her sources, encourages and teaches. I am privileged to be one of her patients and admire her for sharing this book lots of love” – Veronica Assad

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